Life in the Lab

AP ART ii 2016-2017: Concentration

This series of art reveals the life in the lab that is unseen by the naked eye. Within a lab, there is more life than one could ever imagine. After all, biology is the study of life. Whether it be flora or fauna, large creatures or microscopic cells, they play a vital role in our scientific advances in medicine and technology and should be recognized and respected.

Jennifer Guo, AP Art II, Concentration #1, MHS 2017

Jennifer Guo, AP Art II, Concentration #2, MHS 2017

Jennifer Guo, AP Art II, Concentration #3, MHS 2017

Jennifer Guo, AP Art II, Concentration #4, MHS 2017

Jennifer Guo, AP Art II, Concentration #5, MHS 2017

Jennifer Guo, AP Art II, Concentration #6, MHS 2017

Jennifer Guo, AP Art II, Concentration #8, MHS 2017

Jennifer Guo, AP Art II, Concentration #9, MHS 2017

Jennifer Guo, AP Art II, Concentration #10, MHS 2017

Jennifer Guo, AP Art II, Concentration #12, MHS 2017

Jennifer Guo, AP Art II, Concentration #111 MHS 2017


4.15.17 // Smorgasburg
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Feasting on Ramen Burgers, Nachos, and Tacos

Smorgasburg is the ultimate food festival of New York City. Beginning in April and continuing every Saturday until October, there’s no better way to welcome the warm weather of the spring and the heat of the summer. This bustling fair is located in New York’s East River State Park, framed by the waters of the East River and the skyline of Manhattan. Over my spring recess, I had the chance to spend the day at Smorgasburg with my friends, and it was unforgettable to say the least.

Whether it be the burgers or the tacos, the ice cream or the doughnuts, the foods at Smorgasburg are not only delicious, but also gorgeous and unique. I highly recommend the noodles (Noodle Lane), the Unicorn rolled ice cream (Roll ‘n Chill), and the chipotle shrimp taco (Takumi Taco). I’ll definitely be back later in the season to try even more food!

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Roll ‘n Chill

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Takumi Taco

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John’s Juice

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Noodle Lane

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People’s Pops

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Raindrop Cake

Thoughts on Art

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I’ve been exploring art as a hobby ever since I was young. Art class has always been a big part of my life. Actually, when I was young, I didn’t appreciate art as much I do now. Weekly art classes often seemed like a chore to me since I would often be learning basic skills instead of actually creating my own pieces, which at first, was frustrating. But in the end, I thank myself for enduring those long hours of lessons. Now, I am able to create my own pieces by focusing on creative thinking without struggling too much with technical skills. These hours of practice and my developing passion for drawing made me into the artist I am today.

Artists are always learning from drawing books, art teachers, or their peers. Art pushes me to think outside the box and become bolder in risk-taking. I’ve recently started working much more with wet mediums such as oil paint and watercolor. In addition, my concentration pieces this year are digitally rendered with Adobe Photoshop, a technique I am working hard to master. Thus, with every artist I meet, I am introduced to more and more new and exciting aspects, whether it be classic or modern, graphic design or fine art. Ultimately, I’ve learned that style has infinitely many fascinating forms.

Check out my regularly updated collection of artwork!

The Importance of Sports

Staying fit isn’t the only reason you should play a sport. Participating in athletics, especially in high school, gives you the opportunity to destress, reset, and refocus right after a long day of school. As many of you know, I love playing volleyball. I’ve been playing since 8th grade, and I can honestly say that it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I have made many friends and learned important lessons from my coaches and my own experience on the court. Through cheering on my teammates and talking loud on the court, I developed the outgoing personality I have today.

Volleyball requires reflex, focus, and determination. Even when losing, it’s important to keep pushing against the other team. But when playing not-so-great teams, it is also important to stay humble and never, ever lower yourself to their level; always aim to be the best and never pity the other team. As my coach once said, “I don’t care who we’re playing: I want to see blood on the court.” After 4 years of volleyball, I have come to realize that winning against a worse team does not nearly feel as good as doing well against a better team, even if we lose. It’s important to always strive for better, no matter how good you are.

Throughout the experience of playing during games and practice, mistakes will always be made, but making a mistake is a key process in learning. From knowing what I did wrong, I am able to focus on what I need to do in the right way to do it. Refocusing after a mistake is critical to success. This lesson was crucial not only to volleyball, but also to many of my successes in school. Instead of getting bogged down by my mistakes, I used my failures to help me succeed in the future.

I encourage you to go out and try a sport with a friend or even just yourself. Although I come home at 6 or 7pm nearly everyday after-school during the fall season, I have absolutely no intentions of skipping practice or quitting volleyball just to have more time to do work. Even during the off-season, I intend to keep playing club volleyball. Playing a sport benefits both your mind and body, plus it’s always great to have an opportunity to bond with new people.

National Ice Cream Day

7.17.16 // Happy National Ice Cream Day! (belated celebration!)

I love ice cream, and I’m sure all of you do too. Whether its soft or hard serve, I enjoy it all, especially in this year’s searing summer heat. My favorites are: caramel cone, mint chocolate chip, coffee (any variety or spin-off of it).

At the University of Maryland, I had the pleasure of purchasing unique flavors of ice cream from the Maryland Dairy. Since UMD was originally founded as an agricultural college, it still uses its farmland and barns to grow crops and take care of a variety of farm animals (cows, goats, horses, etc.). The ice cream from the Maryland Dairy is made from the milk of UMD’s own cows! The texture and fresh taste of the ice cream here is amazing. 11/10 will come back for another scoop! Honestly, I wish everyday was ice cream day.

While ice cream is a great treat, don’t forget to stay hydrated too! Enjoy the rest of the summer!