Thoughts on Art

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I’ve been exploring art as a hobby ever since I was young. Art class has always been a big part of my life. Actually, when I was young, I didn’t appreciate art as much I do now. Weekly art classes often seemed like a chore to me since I would often be learning basic skills instead of actually creating my own pieces, which at first, was frustrating. But in the end, I thank myself for enduring those long hours of lessons. Now, I am able to create my own pieces by focusing on creative thinking without struggling too much with technical skills. These hours of practice and my developing passion for drawing made me into the artist I am today.

Artists are always learning from drawing books, art teachers, or their peers. Art pushes me to think outside the box and become bolder in risk-taking. I’ve recently started working much more with wet mediums such as oil paint and watercolor. In addition, my concentration pieces this year are digitally rendered with Adobe Photoshop, a technique I am working hard to master. Thus, with every artist I meet, I am introduced to more and more new and exciting aspects, whether it be classic or modern, graphic design or fine art. Ultimately, I’ve learned that style has infinitely many fascinating forms.

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