Walking Toby


I’ve been busy, but here’s a quick post //

Yes, I walk my cat. Well, not exactly. I’m not really walking anywhere; it’s considered more like sitting outside while my cat walks around the porch. It seems anticlimactic, but Toby loves it. He begs to go out nearly everyday, and I try to give as much time as possible for this activity, especially on the weekends.

Cats are intelligent and naturally curious, and in Toby’s case, staring through the window wasn’t enough for him. Though I have to supervise him, I often am able to do some reading or listen to music as I sit with him. In addition, having Toby’s attention on the outside world helps with normally-arduous tasks such as nail-clipping and brushing out knots in his fur. All in all, it’s a pleasant experience for both of us. So if you have a cat willing to tolerate harnesses, I would highly recommend this activity. Not only do you get make your cat happy, but I guarantee you’ll get a few compliments for how cute you and your cat are as well!

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